10 Tips to add more effective points in your college resume / CV

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

  1. Follow the Hult Prize foundation’s campus director events. It is a global brand that can provide a good CV point of organizing a hultprize@ event on your local campus and voila, still adds an international appeal on your resume. Hult Prize is a start-up accelerator program funded by Clinton Global Initiative and Mohd. Yunus, who each year launch a 1-million-dollar challenge inviting applications from start-ups to present their solutions to solve the problem statement. Held at 1500+ campuses globally, Hult Prize hires a campus ambassador locally in every college who is responsible for conducting the competition locally, by fund-raising, raising awareness, inviting judges, inviting teams to present their solutions to the case challenge. The winning team proceeds to the regional round. The Hult Prize campus director is provided with all the resources in order to conduct this event- his/her own website, posters, judging criteria etc.

  2. UN Online Volunteering scheme: This is a scheme that can help anyone get a resume point with UN, from the comfort of their homes. There are several projects for which UN is seeking volunteers and based on those projects, one can easily pick something of their choice to work on and not only expand their knowledge through meaty projects but also get a resume point from UN. There’s also a global shapers community by World Economic Forum (details here - which offers exciting opportunities to network with talented individuals, work on social goals as well as get CV points of international organizations

  3. Do certifications - Having several certifications related to your field of interest shows to a recruiter how passionate you are, about your hobbies. They show that you are willing to learn and go beyond the curriculum to explore different fields. If the certification is related to the job description, it would be a cherry on the cake!

  4. Quantify! – Quantify, wherever possible – Each point in your resume should be normalized for the evaluator so that he/she is able to compare you against others. For example, add percentile, ranks wherever possible. Add the impact of your work in terms of achievements, incremental performance wherever possible.

  5. Average CV: Secured second position in State level Science Olympiad

  6. Professional CV: Secured 2nd position out of 1200+ participants in State level Science Olympiad’19. (The second one helps the evaluator to assess the normative performance of the candidate and provides a scale to judge.)

  7. Average CV: Responsible for coordinating and managing student placements between department placement cell and students

  8. Professional CV:

  9. Led a team of 40+ for campus recruitment of 800+; 25% increase in total offers; 12.5% in avg. packages

  10. Managed 43 companies & funds of ₹7.2L; prototyped a website portal; sole PoC for DU placements for 10K+ aspirants (The second one quantifies the impact as well as highlights the scale of the POR) PS: Always mention estimated footfall of college fests and budget of those events to enumerate the scale of those events

  11. Add scholarships to your resume and participate in research paper conferences. To keep track of what competitions are coming up, you could follow, in addition to You can also apply for well-known student conferences such as HPAIR by Harvard University, World Business Dialogue, St. Gallen’s Symposium. There is an annual Peter Drucker Paper presentation organized in Vienna on the theories of management, which is a very good CV point to add (details here - If you are a CA student, then there are several national/international conventions organized by ICAI which are low hanging fruits to ace!

  12. Follow websites such as Opportunity Desk ( - they list down every opportunity around the world that you can take part in including conferences, competitions, exchange programs, awards, volunteering stints, MUNs, even internships! You are bound to find multiple avenues that are aligned with your hobbies and perhaps stumble upon new opportunities that you’d love to try!

  13. Academics – focus on coursework in your college and maintain a GPA of 8/10 or more. Higher the better. A lot of companies have a straight filter on basis of grades and wouldn’t even read your resume until their minimum base is fulfilled. Give repeat exams if your scores are lesser than 80%. Several commerce and engineering colleges do give you an opportunity to reappear in the exam, even if you have cleared it to improve your grades.

  14. Internships – It’s a definite plus to have done internships in MNCs. These days, start-ups also open up several internships (summer/winter) with interesting projects. You could also take up projects under professors from IIT/IIMs to include in this section. If you are looking for such internships, reach out here. A lot of successful candidates do off-cycle internships with professors along with regular college to get perquisite exposure

  15. Take out all your ranks from schools and colleges and add percentile scores next to your educational qualifications. No. of students in different schools/colleges varies and a recruiter would not be able to make a judgment based on absolute grades, hence, it is always better to add normalized scores to it

  16. Participate in competitions: Some or the other type of competitions are organized every now and then in colleges (few of the biggest names are Techfest – IIT Bombay, Business conclave – SRCC, TRBS – IIM Ahmedabad). It is highly advised to participate in them and win them (Learn tips, tricks on how to ace case competitions). It is obvious that company organized competitions appear better points vs. club led competitions.

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