10 Best ways to boost your resume - How Indian students can make appealing resume / CV

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

  1. A resume is a one-pager brief and the evaluator will not be spending more than 30 seconds on this piece of paper. DO NOT overshoot it to 2 pages or more

  2. A resume would typically have the following sections: Academics/scholastic achievements, work experience/internships, academic projects, positions of responsibility, extra-curricular achievements, hobbies/interests. Having a balanced resume is a plus

  3. Any section of the resume must not be written in paragraph style but should in a bullet point format, mentioning achievements and impact

  4. Academics/scholastic achievements – This section is to show your consistent performance throughout the college and school years. Important things to include here are -

  5. Academics related awards

  6. Research or project-based awards during college

  7. Positions in national/state level talent exams, college/school level talent exams

  8. Top-level rank in JEE, CAT, GATE or Board exams

  9. Work experience/internships – This will be the most critical area of your resume, highlighting recognition (Placement offer/excellence certificate) by the organization is most important. Then, you need to mention work in respective areas operations / strategy / marketing, etc., with a direct impact on the growth of the company in terms of revenue/users or efficiency improvement

  10. Academic projects – This section will include the name of the research topic in simple English, the name of the professor, the position of professor (if he is HOD or at senior level), impact and work you did during the research

  11. Positions of responsibility – This is a section to highlight your leadership abilities. In this section, you can mention the club posts held by you or any organizing work done in any capacity. If you have been fairly academic-oriented and are struggling to find what PORs to include now, you can find a list of activities to pursue in the next section

  12. Extra-curricular activities - In this section, do not add work done in college fests; those are actually a part of the POR section. This section includes awards in sports, cultural activities, competitions (technical or management) or any social work undertaken on volition basis. While highlighting the position achieved in competition, do mention the scale of the event

  13. It is a good practice to mention the duration of projects, internships and PORs which gives a good overview of the timeline to resume reader

  14. Last but not least, keep font size 10 or 11 depending on resume guidelines given by college / company. If fonts are not specified, you can use Garamond / Book Antiqua / Times New Roman

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